GeoBlue Solutions

Wherever you are, wherever you're going, we've got you covered.

For Individuals

When you live a global lifestyle, you need healthcare that crosses borders.

We offer:

  • Long-term coverage for living abroad
  • Short-term travel coverage plans for both single and multi-trips
  • Specialist solutions for missionaries, yacht crew, faculty and students

NOTE: You do not have to be currently enrolled in a Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield medical plan to purchase a GeoBlue individual plan.


For Employers

We’re simplifying the international healthcare experience with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® suite of product solutions. Our network brings flexible coverage to every community in the U.S. and over 190 countries around the world, making it the broadest global network available. Blue Cross Blue Shield Global group products offer a wide range of compliant health insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of the globally mobile.

We offer:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Expat™
Comprehensive international medical coverage that is ideal for long-term assignees and their dependents.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Traveler™
Medical coverage that is ideal for short-term international business travelers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global TCN
Medical coverage geared specifically toward third country nationals. It’s a cost-efficient, flexible plan option appropriate for globally mobile employees who do not require U.S. style benefits.


For Academic Institutions

At GeoBlue, we strive to simplify the international healthcare experience for our members. When students, faculty and staff are far away from home in a foreign country, getting quality care and understanding the local healthcare customs and practices can be daunting.

That’s where we come in. From the outset we’ve focused on combining technology with personalized service to make member and plan administrator’s lives as simple as possible so they can concentrate on their programs. We’ve always understood that healthcare is personal, and we take what we do for our clients and members personally.

We offer:

  • Inbound international health plans and services that provide a full range of the medical benefits necessary to meet the expectations and situations of your inbound population
  • Outbound international health plans and services that provide the necessary health insurance to fill the gap of domestic healthcare plans