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Five Beachy Destinations in Southern Italy3 min read
Healthy Travel
May 13, 2022, Eve Legato
If you’re planning to visit Italy, a beach may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But there’s no reason it shouldn’t!  Europeans flock to southern Italy every summer for a beach vacation. Now, it’s your turn. Our list of destinations all have great beaches in common, but they each have their…
Roasted Snap Pea and Radish Salad2 min read
Healthy Travel
May 10, 2022, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Full of bright spring color and flavor, this fresh-tasting salad makes a beautiful addition to your family dinner table. Light-tasting and quick to prepare, this recipe just looks like a celebration of spring. One of the first vegetables ready for harvest each spring, snap peas offer vitamins C and …
Road Trip Travels: How to Prepare for a Road Trip Abroad8 min read
Healthy Travel
May 03, 2022, Jess Hopper
While the pandemic hit pause on much of the travel industry in 2020 and the years that followed, there was one area of travel that saw an increase in interest: the humble road trip.  Long a part of American travel culture, domestic road trips had taken a backseat in the preceding decades as internat…
How to Plan a Vacation When You Have ADHD4 min read
Healthy Travel
April 29, 2022, Eve Legato
I love vacation as much as the next person. I welcome the chance to get away, to spend time in nature or with friends. I know vacation can benefit my overall health. But because of my ADHD, the very task of planning a trip is so overwhelming that I don’t even want to start.  It’s […] The post …