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Renting a Camper Van While Traveling Abroad7 min read
Healthy Travel
August 16, 2022, Jess Hopper
Getting out into nature and moving at a slower pace is restful and restorative for the body and the mind. But traveling in nature, tent camping and road tripping via car often come with lots of hassles. And hotels and rental accommodations can get expensive. Camper vans give you the best of both wor…
Attention Travelers: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy and Accountable Amid Climate Change5 min read
Healthy Travel
August 09, 2022, Beth Rush
Unfortunately, climate change shows no signs of slowing down—but neither do travelers. As global tourism increases, the need to reduce our travel emissions and practice greater travel-related sustainability is necessary.  In addition to improving the planet’s health, conscious efforts to stay health…
Convalesce like A Victorian: Planning Travel for a Period of Recovery3 min read
Healthy Travel
August 05, 2022, Eve Legato
The idea of returning to work after the acute phase of an illness is a modern, Western phenomenon. In the Victorian era, it was common to have a long period of convalescence—a time of recovery and recuperation—following an illness. In the absence of today’s modern medical cures, patients suffering f…
French Vegetable Quiche2 min read
Healthy Travel
August 02, 2022, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Quiche is a delicious way to sneak lots of healthy produce into your family, while also minimizing food waste by utilizing a variety of ingredients in smaller quantities. Versatile and quick to prepare, it’s the ideal recipe to have in your repertoire for both easy meal prep and no-stress entertaini…