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Your Checklist for Managing Spring Allergies on the Road4 min read
Healthy Travel
February 27, 2024, Mia Barnes
Are you set for a spring adventure? While the beauty of blooming flowers is a sight to behold, it can be troublesome for those allergic to pollen, mold and dust mites. Pollination season triggers allergies, but don’t let this stop you from hitting the road. Here’s a checklist to beat or …
Wellness Tourism Is Booming. What Is It, Exactly?4 min read
Healthy Travel
February 21, 2024, Mia Barnes
The pandemic brought several changes to the travel industry—one trend has linked traveling with well-being, giving rise to wellness tourism. Although not a new concept, it gained tremendous popularity after the pandemic as people seek unconventional ways to care for their health. Find out more about…
Ukrainian Sauerkraut Soup (Kapusnyak)2 min read
Healthy Travel
February 14, 2024, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
This vegetarian spin on a classic Ukrainian comfort food dish is just the thing to make when the weather turns cold and dark. Mushrooms take the place of traditional pork, delivering a satisfyingly ‘meaty’ taste, while also providing a needed winter boost of vitamin D. Sauerkraut, an Eastern Europea…
Test Your Hiking Skills in Quito, Ecuador2 min read
Healthy Travel
February 07, 2024, Sarah Miller
Don’t let the altitudes scare you. Plus, hiking into a crater isn’t as daunting as it sounds.  Nestled high in the Andes, Quito, Ecuador, is more than a pitstop for tourists venturing to the Galapagos Islands or Amazon Rainforest. It’s a city surrounded by breathtaking landscapes—active volcanos, vo…