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Haunted Pilgrimages to Make This Fall4 min read
Healthy Travel
October 19, 2021, Kayla Kurin
Some see October as the time to pull out chunky sweater collections and sip on hot cider while walking through crunching piles of leaves. Others see it as the season to hunt the paranormal. If you happen to fall into the latter group, here are five haunted pilgrimages for your next autumnal ghost si…
Is it Safe to Fly with an Ear Infection?3 min read
Healthy Travel
October 15, 2021, Erica Hayton
Flying can be uncomfortable on the ears under the best circumstances. As the plane changes altitude and air pressure fluctuates, your ears may feel blocked or pop. Normally, this is just a regular part of flying. However, if you or a child you’re traveling with has an ear infection, it could lead to…
Indonesian Grilled Gado Gado2 min read
Healthy Travel
October 12, 2021, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Gado gado means “mix mix” in Indonesian, and is a popular dish with different variations throughout the region. Here, it gives inspiration for a grilled snack plate, with a delicious and zesty peanut sauce that transforms humble ingredients into a treat. Feel free to switch up the vegetables used, a…
The Best Places to See Fall Colors in Ontario4 min read
Healthy Travel
October 04, 2021, Kayla Kurin
Autumn is a gorgeous time to be in Ontario, Canada. The province is covered with lakes, forests and cliffs. With very few peaks above the treeline, the province turns into a sea of fall colors every year.  Whether you hike, canoe, drive or take a train, here are our top places to take in the [……